Swedes: if you want to have your say….

I’ve always been resistant to public campaigning because if it’s not done with the correct tone, you can actually bring some harm to the cause you’re trying to advocate. If it’s done correctly, though, you can bring awareness and even some amount of change to an issue.
Yesterday, I received a copy of a letter, in Swedish, that a Saab fan named Anders had sent to both the Swedish Prime Minister’s office and the Enterprise Ministry. I won’t reproduce that here (the Googletrans likely wouldn’t do it justice) but perhaps this is an appropriate time for those offices to hear some balance from Saab fans to counterbalance the poor eastern newspaper polls they might be paying too much attention to.
To the Swedes in particular – these are your elected leaders and the supposition there is that they are supposed to care about what you think as a Swedish citizen. They are supposed to listen.
Time is short for Saab to get a buyer on board and the Swedish government will most likely have a part to play in this transaction.
Therefore, i’d like to suggest you contact the Enterprise Ministry, which is headed by Maud Olofsson, and respectfully request that Mrs Olofsson ensure that everything that can be done to assist in a Saab sale, will be done.
They represent you. They need to know what you think. A large number of well-worded, polite emails may go some way to showing the Enterprise Ministry how much people care about this issue.
Click this link to contact Maud Olofsson via the Swedish government website.
Also, please pass this request on to others. If you’re a Saab fan and concerned for the company then there’s every chance that you know others who feel the same. Why not ask them to send a message as well?
Again, a polite and well worded message asking the Enterprise Ministry to re-consider the full range of things they can do for Saab, and the implications if this sale isn’t done, could go some way in helping.

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