Swedish Group interested in Saab Automobile acquisition

UPDATE below

I’ve heard from several different sources now that there is a Swedish group interested in the acquisition of Saab Automobile from General Motors.
I don’t know any more details than that, other than they’re Swedish and have been in contact with Deutsche Bank about the sale.
Many news stories have been saying the GM are negotiating with two groups about the purchase of Saab, claiming that Renco Group are the second group, along with Spyker. I heard and published here at Saabs United over a week ago that Renco were out of the running.
It would seem that this Swedish group would be the second group mentioned in reports.
I don’t know any more at this time and I doubt many details will be forthcoming now that I’ve written this, but that’s the news as I hear it.
And Swedes – information told in confidence will remain in confidence, as always, but used for the benefit of context, as always.
I’ve spoken with people at Saab, who have not heard directly from this group at present. This is not that unusual given that all the preliminaries are done with Deutsche Bank and at the moment, Deutsche Bank probably have their hands full dealing with Spyker. This is now a compressed process; they have only a couple of weeks to do what was done with Koenigsegg over several months.
I guess it’s going to be up to these Swedes to bring themselves into the light and the last email I received from their representative said that more information should be made available very soon.

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