Swedish metal is tough! Kudos to Volvo

No, I’m not moving to become a Volvo blogger, but I had to share this video just seen from Auto Motor and Sport in Sweden.
It seems they’re having a Christmas count down, with a new video everyday for readers to enjoy. Bookmark this page and go back daily.
You might remember the Cash for Clunkers program in the US earlier this year, and how dealers were required to drain the engine oil and pour liquid glass into the engine and then run it in order to kill it. Some old engines died within seconds of this treatment, but there was one video I saw of a Volvo that lasted a full 7-plus minutes!!
Watch that one to see some toughness (though it does make you sad).
Today’s video from Auto Motor and Sport shows another piece of Volvo toughness in action, as a bunch of blokes have a bit of fun with this old Volvo wagon and just can’t seem to kill it.

Kudos to our mates just a little further west in Sweden.
And thanks to Magnus for the heads-up!

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