Swedish unions to contact the White House regarding Saab

We’re doing our little bit. It’s good to see that those with the resources and contacts to do more are starting to do so.
From Swedish Radio:
The union at Saab will contact the U.S. government for reviving negotiations on Saab’s future.
– We have decided to do everything we can for this to be as good as possible. We want to know that when this is over, no matter how it ends, we have done our very best, “said Stefan Löfven, president of IF Metall.
IF Metall, The Union, and Swedish engineers are trying to contact the U.S. government to influence negotiations on Saab’s future. The U.S. government is, since the financial crisis started, the majority shareholder in GM.
Exactly who the union will talk to and what will be said, Stefan Löfven will not reveal. He thinks that it is reasonable to try to get help from the U.S. government to influence GM to actually sell Saab and not close it.
– The market determines. Hopefully it will be a business deal. What we want to point out is that if a buyer can finance the deal they have to put their best foot forward and actually do so. It is also about the thousands of people’s jobs.
Do GM want to sell Saab?
– I assume it but nothing is certain and that is why it is so important that GM actually eliminates any doubt, “said Stefan Löfven, IF Metall chairman.
My thanks to Magnus W for the translation.

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