Take a breath…..

A couple of housekeeping requests, if I may.
1) The reason there’s no real content here today is because I’m flying around trying to sort out potential projects that people are setting up in the website’s name. I can’t and won’t sign up to anything I can’t control – not because I don’t want to, but because it’s my name and my house on the line every time something goes out with ‘Saabs United’ written on it. I’ll take that risk, but you can’t take that risk on my behalf.
2) Can people please stop writing in CAPS? It’s the internet equivalent of shouting. We can see you.
3) Negotiations are happening. We’ve done a lot. Others are doing a lot, too. We’ll all do more when we can, but there are limits as to how much can get done in a short period of time.
4) Be calm and believe. Saab have great cars and an efficient plant. GM have buyers. The outcome that makes sense is a sale and people are working very hard to that effect.
5) Some may need to note the comments policy, particularly the part about saying what you have to say once.
Thumbnail image for Keep Calm and Carry On
My mechanic’s on his way over. I’m going outside to play with my 99T.

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