The full GM press conference on the wind-down of Saab

I’ve just received an email from TTELA alerting me to the transcription they’ve published of the full GM press conference held yesterday.
Eggs and I were both on the conference call but time’s been too short to write much about it. I did live-blog a few points as the conference happened, but not much.
TTELA’s transcript is in English so most of you should be able to read it OK and will not need the services of Googletrans.
There’s some interesting material in there, but there’s also some absolute crapiola as well. To listen to GM saying they tried their best with Saab over 20 years was pretty difficult. It’s amazing when you hear some of this stuff, how evident it is that things are purposefully crafted to sound a certain way.
If you’re interested, the transcript is here.

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