The Local: Swedes start lamenting the possible demise of their auto industry

The Local is reporting about Swedes starting to feel a bit sad now that a Volvo sale has been agreed with a Chinese buyer, and that Saab is a chance to be ‘closed’. It seems closure rather than sale is still the Swedish media mindset for Saab.

The Volvo news, coming as uncertainty looms about General Motor’s decision to shut down Saab, also raised questions as to the future of Sweden’s auto industry.
Some of Sweden’s major newspapers wondered if Chinese ownership would weaken the Volvo brand. “Volvo: Money can’t buy everything,” read an editorial in Dagens Nyheter newspaper. “In mass-production China, there is a risk that the trademark will hollow out.”…..
……Dagens Nyheter’s auto industry reporter wrote in an analysis piece this week that Geely’s takeover was “a journey into the unknown.”

It’s not all just about Volvo, however.

Others speculated about the demise of the Swedish auto industry in light of the Volvo sale and the Saab closure. “Both Swedish carmakers Saab and Volvo are on their way out of Sweden. Saab risks being shut down and everything points to Volvo becoming Chinese,” public radio reporter Tommy Fredriksson said earlier.
“What’s going to happen to Swedes’ self-image?” he asked, calling Volvo and Saab modern-day examples of traditional “Swedish value.”

Tommy, don’t count Saab out yet.
If you and the Swedish media put some pressure on GM rather than just accept what you’re (IMHO, incorrectly) told is Saab’s fate, then maybe GM will feel a bit more pressure to make a sale go through.
Whilst Saab are working with GM on a plan for closure of the brand, this work is happening in parallel with negotiations for the sale of Saab to either Spyker or Merbanco/SwedishConstorium.
Saab can still live, and they can still operate in Sweden.
This isn’t the time to feel sorry for the loss of an industry, it’s the time to make some noise and do what you can to try and influence the decision makers. Here’s one way you can help, the other is to write/call the local media and get them to put some heat on GM.
Whilst the negotiations go on, there is still hope for Saab.

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