The potential Saab buyer – summed up

Hi Swade,
I feel like I have rung up a talk-back radio station. I am a long time reader of Saabs United, but first time ‘caller.’ First off – congratulations on such an informative and professional website. (why thankyou, kind sir…..SW)
I understand that you must have a pretty full work load at the moment with all of the developments with the potential acquisition of Saab by a new buyer. I thought I would send this e-mail just to tell you how the events (or there lack of) occurring in Trollhattan or Detroit have affected one my plans for future Saab purchases.
I am a long time fan of Saab cars, I am only 27 years old but can remember from a young age going to auto shows and ignoring the Ferrari’s and Lambo’s that my friends drooled over and would loiter around the Saab stand all day collecting brochures and dreaming of one day owning this fine, and somewhat un-orthodox marque.
I now own a 1997 900S Talladega coupe (going on five years now) and have loved every minute of it – safe, fun to drive, great styling and reliable. I am now considering updating to a 2004-2005 9-3 Aero sedan. I have always lusted after these vehicles and now have the finances and of suitable age to purchase a car (insurance on turbo cars when under 25 is crazy!). Instead I find myself approaching what should be an enjoyable process of searching for my next Saab with a great deal of uncertainty and trepidation.
Instead of comparing 9-3’s by service history, mileage and overall condition, thoughts like parts, servicing support, dealer networks, implications for re-sale value and questions over insurance policies if Saab does go under, have now affected my search process.
In short – Saab/ GM, whoever else is involved – please please please hurry up and find another suitable buyer that has the ability and commitment to realise Saabs potential – in terms of culture, product development and brand elements. I want to buy another Saab – but will not consider it until all my doubts are allayed – this situation cannot be good for business…
I realise this is a rather myopic take on the whole cloud of uncertainty over Saab iright now, but I am sure there are thousands of other new/ used potential buyers across the globe considering the same issues.
My thoughts go out to all the hardworking and dedicated Saab employees across the globe – and I hope a suitable resolution is found (and soon).
Perth, Western Australia

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