Third parties do not arrange Saab’s future

First we had the respected French marketing guy who is possibly still waiting by the phone for GM to call him about running Saab.
Now we have a Swedish-Italian entrepreneur bringing Sergio Marchionne to see a factory that the (another made up word) Swedalian doesn’t control and that Marchionne doesn’t need.
The story first appeared at
In short, a guy named Salvatore Grimaldi is organising some sort of conference for Italian industry in Sweden. He’s invited FIAT’s head honcho, Sergio Marchionne, along to speak and whilst he’s there, he’s proposed taking Marchionne on a tour of Saab to see if Marchionne wants to use some of the factory’s ‘renowned flexibility’ to produce some Lancias or some such thing.
Has anyone told Saab about this tour, or does Grimaldi just plan to knock at the gate with Marchionne and ask for a visitor’s pass?
Two reasons why I think this another story crafted to get someone’s services mentioned in the press. Actually, three.
First – this guy’s got nothing to do with Saab. He’s not out to help Saab. He’s out to pick on Saab’s bones should they be closed down. That’s how I see it.
Second. What the heck does Marchionne need another factory for? Isn’t he a little busy with his new US capacity? 50,000 units made in Sweden? For what?
And third. Getting your name associated with a plan for Saab right now means you get press. Thrown in a Wallenberg and you get even more.
People outside GM/Saab do not arrange the future of Saab. It’s quite simple. This guy’s thoughts might make for a decent Plan B if Saab is closed by GM. Manufacturing for someone else would keep the people there employed for a while longer.
But it seems a bit presumptuous to me that an outsider can assume it’s OK to make arrangements for a factory he has nothing to do with. I’m sure if Marchionne wants something to do with Saab that he’d not need the services of an intermediary to get a look around.

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