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Some things you may have already seen, or not….
….thanks to various people for emails on some of these.
The Wall Street Journal:

The Swedish minister for enterprise and energy, Maud Olofsson, Wednesday said the government will only guarantee a loan from the European Investment Bank, or EIB, to a potential new buyer of Saab Automobile AB if production is kept in the Nordic country.

That would seem to rule out a sale to BAIC if the people’s theory that they’ll just move everything to China has some legs in it. Maybe they don’t need the money?
It’s a good incentive to keep things Swedish, anyway, which is what we want.
This quote shall remain un-sourced:

GM would not have re-opened negotiations with potential buyers if it were not convinced about a very high chance of success. Based on today’s call to Sweden, we expect Saab’s future to be resolved quickly, so please be patient for a little longer.

One more reason why Saab must survive……. to stop them merely being a curiosity on Jalopnik.
Today they’re covering the Saab 92 with a GM/Saab V6 installed, a car that I photographed back at the Saab Festival in 2007.
I love the Jalops, but I don’t want Saab relegated to novelty status like old Alfas.
Next Autos (aka Winding Road) have a list of their Top 10 Saabs, which sounds a bit like another obituary piece.
Good selections, though.
The Viggen was way too maligned. In fact, it’s could be considered as a microcosm of Saab itself. An imperfect vehicle that gets disproportionate criticism and then is missed when it’s gone due to it’s immense character.
Here’s hoping it never comes to that.
Another journo big-notes himself with a death piece about Saab, stating that the last good Saab was the 99 Turbo, 30 years ago. My own affection for the 99T notwithstanding, I think owners of various models since (most notably the 900 and 9000Aero – even by the strictest criteria) might be forgiven for feeling slighted.
Why does he write this? The answer’s in the article itself.

….whenever I write anything about Saab, people comment with zeal

That’s Gavin Green at CAR Magazine. The article itself contains many truths, but I think Green undersells Saab’s appeal too much. It’s far easier for some of these guys to make a case for killing Saab rather than saving it.
The Globe and Mail has an interview with prominent Canadian Saab dealer, Chris Budd.
“I may not know much about art, but I know what I like” – John Cleese.
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