Thursday night snippets – tying it all together edition

The players as we know them and the status as we believe we know it to be.

  • Merbanco – sidelined
  • Koenigsegg Group – exile island
  • Renco – sideline (in big mansion)
  • BAIC – hanging around
  • Spyker – new kids on the block

There was a rumour in comments that Magna were sniffing around, but take into account Joran Hagglund’s words today about time being so crucial in this deal and you can make yourselves a rule that would seem to cut Magna out:
Anyone who’s going to be considered a serious contender for a Saab purchase at this late stage has either taken the buyers’ tour in Trollhattan already, or will be there this week.
News services are saying we’re down to two, and I have a feeling now that they’re right. It’s Spyker or BAIC, which effectively means it’s Spyker (continued life) or a parts deal as I still cannot see GM selling some of their newest gear to a competitor in China.
Bring your A-game, Dutchies.
Some goofball got interviewed by along with the head of the Finnish Saab Club.
My 18yo stepson said it must have been a slow news day 🙂
Here’s a cracker of a Christmas gift idea from Elkparts.

Do you remember the fun you had making gingerbread men when you were little? Here’s a modern interpretation on the gingerbread man biscuit (cookie) cutter from Saab.
A unique gingerbread cookie cutter design, in stainless steel, it follows the profile of the forthcoming all-new Saab 9-5.
At 13.5cm (5.3 inches) long, this cutter cuts a generous biscuit and is an official Saab accessory.
This product is supplied in a gift box and contains a traditional recipe for making the perfect Saab biscuits.

Mmmmm. Cookies. 9-5 cookies. A 9-5 that’s good enough to eat. Mmmmm.
I got a good result on my Saab 99Turbo today.
It’s got a cold start problem and I thought it might have been the cold start injector playing up. My mechanic said he’s never replaced one in hi life, though, and he was worried it might be the cold start regulator, which would be a much more delicate and expensive fix.
He gave me a groovy little test lamp to hook up to the plug connected to the valve, and it turns out it might just be the electricals to the valve rather than the valve or regulator.
Much cheaper and much quicker to fix. We could be on our way (finally!)
From Flickr today:

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