TTELA: Dutch billionaire new Spyker investor

Non-urgent update – below
TTELA are quoting a report from Svenska Dagbladet, saying that Spyker’s new investor is an as-yet un-named billionaire Dutch investor.
The Googletrans:

A Dutch billionaire is Spykers new main sponsor for the last Saab bid, writes Swedish Dagbladet (SvD) and refers to several sources familiar with the process.

As I wrote in last night’s You make the news entry, it was my understanding that neither Convers Group or Spyker’s other major shareholder, Mubadela, were major investors in this Saab transaction. They have a part ownership in Spyker Cars, and thereby may be passive partners in this transaction, but they’re not major players.
The original bid for Saab was a co-operative bid between Spyker and Convers Group, but it is assumed that Convers Group have been replaced by this new Dutch investor.
I haven’t found the SvD report that the TTELA report was based on as yet.
The report is now here. Thanks again, Sven!
Thanks to Sven in comments, too!
Non-urgent update
I don’t think we’re going to hear a decision in the next few hours, based on the time of night in Europe and the language used in Spyker’s press release.
I’m off to take a breath and play golf!

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