Tuesday morning Snippets – bad habits edition

Can’t help myself, bad habits……
More things to talk about….
A late reminder for those who’d like to email GM about the Saab sale…..
You can contact GM using their feedback form and it’s been suggested that you make the first line “MESSAGE FOR GM CHAIRMAN AND BOARD”.
I’ve gotta admit that I’m pretty nervous at this late hour. The emphasis now is on selling Saab and not just simply shutting it down.
Some things for you to read:
TTELA report that a delegation of five people from the Swedish government are in Detroit, along with Saab’s head honcho, Jan-Ake Jonsson.
Photo: Aftonbladet
The meeting with the delegation has been underway for just over an hour, as I write this. These preliminary meetings will form the basis of the decision that’s expected to come via press release from Detroit tomorrow.

Unfortunately, there are no news reports of people from Merbanco, BAIC or Renco in Detroit. Hopefully that’s just because they’re dealing with intermidiaries only at this point and not a pointer to GM’s frame of mind.

Some Saab dealers are not feeling optimistic, though they’re not the ones I’m hearing from in my inbox.
We’re a gritty bunch.

Big-time kudos to site sponsors, SaabUSA Parts for this:

We, at Saab USA Parts, thought it would be appropriate to remove our Koenigsegg CCXR 1:43 scale model cars from our website. They were a great seller, but decided to pull the item based upon the sensitivity and disappointment in the recent events regarding the sale of Saab from GM to the Koenigsegg Group.
The good news is that we are going to donate the entire sports car inventory to the ‘U.S. Marines Toys for Tots’ program. The primary goal of Toys for Tots is to deliver, through a new toy at Christmas, a message of hope to less fortunate youngsters.
Hopefully, we will bring a smile to the face of a less fortunate child when he or she receives a race car on Christmas morning.
Best personal regards,
Saab USA Parts

Still keeping the ears and eyes peeled and hoping for a miracle.
Sage advice from Dave R in the UK:

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