Tuesday morning snippets – Saab sale stories and update

No news is good news at this point.
An update from the Merbanco/Swedish consortium:
They wish to stress that any report made that they are only after part of the Saab, rather than the whole entity, is not accurate. From CJ at Merbanco:

With management, we are interested in all of Saab. We intend to manufacture cars in Trollhattan if we are picked. If we can’t get all of Saab, we won’t do the deal.

And separately from the Swedish consortium:

Merbanco together with Swedish group are working hard with government on bridging EIB loan with a guarantee to GM as long as it takes to have the EIB in place.

They estimate that such action can close the deal and save significant costs to society with regard to closing Saab.
Meanwhile, Spyker have been in talks with GM about their renewed proposal as well. From Bloomberg:

“There’s a dialogue ongoing,” Muller said from his car while traveling in the Netherlands. “It’s very hard to predict the outcome, particularly since GM in principle has taken a decision to shut Saab down.”

As Eggs reported earlier today, Spyker’s deadline has been softened:

Muller said today that Spyker’s 5 p.m. New York time deadline to reach an agreement “is becoming less of interest” as talks progress.

And from Reuters:

“We’ve had various discussions with them today,” Muller told Reuters prior to the extension of the offer expiry, adding that talks were “definitely” ongoing.

That deadline has now passed. No news is good news, as they say.
From Djup Strupe:
Speaking of progress, GM scheduled a conference call with US dealers today, the subject of which was going to be a brief on the wind-down process for Saab in the United States.
Instead of talking about that, they basically postponed everything due to the ongoing negotiations.
Automotive News ask “What would Bob Sinclair say?” about the potential closure of Saab.
In public I think he’d say “That’s crazy”
In private I think it might have been a little more pointed.
BNET claim that regardless of the outcome of negotiations, it seems Saab owners have already left the brand. it’s a nifty introduction to talk about the latest JD Power retention survey findings.
I think the overwhelming response to the Ed Whitacre email campaign kinda dispels that, however.
Speaking of which, I think we can all agree that this quite possibly the most touching contribution to that campaign.
Click to enlarge.
That sums up what it’s all about.
The Saab Club in the Netherlands has put togehter some great banners to promote the plea to save Saab and email Ed Whitactre:
A very good treatise on Saab by maniacal driver, Jack Baruth.
I can see where he’s coming from, but in the end he’s just being another fatalist who can’t see a future with a successful Saab in it.
That’s a future I don’t want, even of it’ll take a lot of hard work to get there.

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