Tuesday morning snippets – Vale Jan-Willem Vester

My thanks to Eggs for the timely reportage of the passing of Jan-Willem Vester, the former PR and Communications guru at SaabUSA. I’ve added my thoughts on his passing to that entry.
Saab History has an excellent compilation of his career.
Saab’s had a difficult enough 18 months as a company as it is, but the passing of people like Rolf Jensen, Pat Moss, Bob Sinclair and now Jan-Willem Vester put a very fine point on the fact that like all organisations, Saab is a company that’s only ever as good as its people.
Jan-Willem was another one of those fine people and he will be missed deeply.
L-to-R: Jan-Willem Vester, Steve Shannon and occasional TS scribe, 1985Gripen
GM’s new Chairman and CEO, Ed Whitacre, is starting to come under scrutiny.
AutoExtremist Peter De Lorenzo is no fan, and CNN Money are asking why Mr Whitacre absented himself from answering legitimate questions that should be taken by a corporate CEO, especially when that CEO runs a company that’s majority owned by taxpayers.
Addendum – Interesting…… since that CNN MOney story appeared, an entry has been posted on GM’s Fastlane blog stating that Whitacre will do a webchat on Tuesday. Result for CNN!
The latest story with Geely is yet another example of how news can spread in the automotive media.
The Geely guy is asked a question as whether he’ll talk to GM about Saab – note: not about whether he has talked to GM, but whether he intends to – and he gives the vaguest, most non-committal answer ever in the form of “Who knows?” and then all of a sudden every news service in town is reporting that Geely might buy Saab.
it started with DI.se (and don’t they love a good adaption-to-bad-news story) and went to Reuters, Autoblog, Automotive News, Autocar (where “Who knows” equals “admits Saab interest”) and a heap more.
The guy said “Who knows”. He didn’t even indicate that he was really thinking about it, never mind whether he’s actually spoken to someone.
It’s almost time for me to bring out the nudie-run promise again. The SU assessment is that there’s nothing to see here. And may the good Lord help us all if there is something to it.
And finally some good and bad reporting:
Automobile do a good job of covering the Spyker interest in Saab.
Some site called Ridelust does one of the most appalling and factually inaccurate jobs I’ve seen recently, covering the Saab 9-5 at the LA Auto Show.

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