Victor Muller – Sweet talker

Trust Dan Niel of the LA Times to get the money quotes from Spyker’s Victor Muller, about his bid to purchase Saab from General Motors.
Here is Mr Muller saying all the nice things we Saabisti long for:
White knight?

“I thought, this cannot be,” the 6-foot-4-inch, fair-haired Muller said Thursday, at the Spyker stand at the L.A. Auto Show. “It’s such a beautiful company.”


“It’s true, we [the Netherlands and Sweden] are small northern countries. We don’t have big German conglomerates to help us out. I just felt like we have to stand together because we’re the same people, we have the same DNA.”


“It’s a lovely brand. It’s so authentic, and that’s such a rare thing.”…….”As a matter of principle. The only truly authentic thing about a brand is provenance. The [Porsche] Boxster is built in Finland, OK, no problem. But could they be built in Mumbai? Sure, they’d be 20% cheaper but nobody would buy it.”

He’s definitely speaking the language.
But can he get a transaction done in a timeframe that would suit GM, having only put in a submission on Monday?
Will they need EIB loans and do they plan to follow Saab’s existing business plan?
Are there any motives lurking behind all these fair-sounding words?
This is all so quick and there is so much we just. don’t. know.

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