Wednesday night snippets

it’s my understanding the discussions on the sale of Saab have taken a break due to the oncoming Christmas holiday. I’m unsure how long they’ll be postponed for, but hopefully not for long given the gravity of the situation and GM’s deadline.
So there’s not likely to be any big news for a few days, at least.
In the meantime, it’d be good to keep the momentum up.
Inspired by the invitation I received from CNN, I’ve taken up the cause of writing some letters to major newspapers for potential publication. Maybe you could do the same where you live? Motoring magazines could be a target, too.
The emphasis on the letter, for me at least, is GM’s stewardship of Saab and Saab’s viability under a new, more attentive owner.
You might think this is a pointless exercise, but the goal is to keep the spotlight on GM. Their press people get daily snippets of articles where the company is mentioned in order to keep tabs on public perception. The more this issue is highlighted in the news, the more they have to think about.
I’ve received a suggestion about getting Saabs parked outside the Renaissance Center for a photo opportunity. Perhaps a shot with the Swedish parliament buildings in the background would be appropriate too?
Any takers?
There was a great radio show aired the other day about the potential demise of Saab.
Featured on the show were a former SaabUSA employee, John Moss, as well as one of the editors from Automotive News and Ryan from SaabHistory.
The Saab factory, last weekend. Photo by Tim’s Mum 🙂
Click to enlarge.
Thanks to everyone for your participation and support over the last week. It’s been amazing.
SU will continue all through Christmas, but I’m not expecting any big announcements over that time.

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