What happened to the last car produced in Trollhattan?

Note: Let’s not get tripped up on language here: The word “last” in the title is meant to mean “latest” not “final”.
As previously reported, the Saab plant in Trollhattan was furloughed this week and is scheduled to start production once again in January (the 11th to be precise).
So, the title of the post says it all — what happened to the last car built prior to the temporary shut down? Who has it? Is it a 9-3, 9-3x or 9-5? For which market was it built?
Inquiring minds want to know.
This car is potentially huge for Saab collectors. For one thing, it’s potentially the final car built by Saab under General Motors ownership. It’s also potentially the final car built in Trollhattan, period.
I don’t believe that either of these scenarios are a lock. Even if GM shuts Saab down it’s conceivable that they would build cars from the components left in stock just to make a few more dollars prior to shuttering the plant. Likewise, I believe that even if a transfer of ownership is in the cards it wouldn’t take place until after the plant restarts in January.
On the other hand, you never know — ownership could transfer more quickly or GM and the new owner could elect to keep the plant idle until the new owner takes over. Likewise, GM could liquidate the plant and components as is without re-starting production.
Again, it isn’t likely that the last car built this month is the last of its kind, but it is possible.
Djup Strupes, we need information!

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