WSJ interview with Victor Muller from Spyker

The Wall St Journal’s Deal Journal has just published a short interview with Victor Muller from Spyker, speaking to him about the company’s intentions for Saab should be successful in the acquisition.
Here’s a snippet:
DJ: How can Spyker improve Saab?
Muller: Saab is being carved out of GM and will have to stand on its own legs. In order to do that, it will require a completely different state of mind in terms of entrepreneurship. We are very entrepreneurial company. We manage to create Spyker out of nothing. The company hadn’t been active for 75 years when we started in 2000. We bring experience and branding and sales. I design all of my cars. Saabs would benefit from design input to make Saabs more “Saabish.” You buy a Saab for a reason. It is quirky. It is different. If you wanted a car that looked like everyone else you would buy a Volkswagen.
Click here to read the full interview.

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