You make the news – the Saab decision are reporting that news isn’t expected from Detroit until about 9pm Swedish time, at the earliest. That’s 7am here – around 8 hours away – so whilst I’ll probably still be up for a few hours, there’s little left to write about now and I’m driving myself mad trying to think of every detail that hasn’t been covered off yet.
I’m sure there will be plenty of people all over the news if it breaks before 9pm Swedish time. I’m actually going to try and get some sleep and hopefully wake up to a less anxious and more promising day than what we’ve had today.

I’m hopeful, but nervous.
Like you, I’ve built up a tremendous affection for the Saab automobile company, the products they build, the people who build them and promote them, and the city of Trollhattan itself.
I don’t want to get all “leave Britney alone” about this, but I just can’t imagine this company not making cars.
I just wish the Swedish government had applied the energy earlier that they’re applying now. Maybe we wouldn’t be in this place.
Given that we’re here, though, I hope that the GM board see sense and allow Saab a future with a new owner. Allow them to build those new cars, utilise that factory and those people.
Of course, my 1000% preference is for Merbanco to be announced as Saab’s buyer, but at this point my main concern is that Saab be allowed to live on.
Nothing else makes sense.
Please keep each other up to date. I’ll be excited to see what the morning brings (if I ever manage to get to sleep).

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