You’re in the US and you have $5K to spend on a fun car…..

OK, one of our resident commenters – 74Stingray – has what is hopefully a not-so-hypothetical question that he’d like an answer to.

So, you just sold your 1974 Stingray and have $20k from its sale…. you put $15 away for savings, and have $5k burning a hole in your pocket for a project…… you are liking vintage Saabs more and more….. but want a project car for you and your son to work on now that the corvette is gone….
What do you buy?
1978 Saab 99T??? Maybe something older like a 2 stroker???? or somethign newer like a SPG… you’re not looking for a profit making collector car, but you want something unique…..something you can enjoy rebuilding….. Something that reeks of Saab…Perhaps a sleeper Viggen thats not been thrashed around too much???
If you have time… I am leaning to a late 70’s Saab just because they are cool, but old.

As much as I love the 99 Turbo, and that is a LOT, there would have to be some consideration given to something that’s even more out there than your regular 1970s Saab.
Providing I could get one in good condition, and provided I could fit in it, I’d have to give some consideration to a Saab Sonett.
Checking the mecca of Sonett classifieds at Saabnet, I see a few for sale and couple of particular interest (and no, I don’t know the sellers).
This yellow Sonett has apparently been fully restored and once belonged to a Saab executive. It’s in medway MA and is listed at $4,500.
This orange baby is a little less, at $4,000 but is said to be in good all round condition and a reliable daily driver. It’s a California car, too, which means the underbody should be pretty clean if it’s been looked after OK.
Both of these are sitting under the $5K limit and with a little bargaining, you’ve even got fuel for the road trip to bring them home.
So, over to you. Ideas?

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