“ZE Saab 9-3” electric car confirmed to roll out soon

The following is a Googletrans press release from Electro Engine:


A Swedish co-operative with the task of rapidly developing high-performance electric cars has been shaped. On 10 December, Energy Agency took the necessary decision to launch the project. Two demo cars have already been presented this year and these have been very well received. The new project intends to produce over 100 electric cars in 2010.

The collaborative partners are Saab Automobile AB, Electro Engineering in Sweden AB, the battery company Boston-Power Inc., Innovatum AB in Trollhättan and the Power Circle, electric power industry association. These five parties have shown that there is a unique and competitive concept rooted in reality. Based on the positive experiences of demo vehicles, which have already been seen since the summer of 2009, they have now decided to go ahead and extend the electric car project.

The project ZE Saab 9-3, which recognized the zero emission of CO2 (Zero Emission), Swedish engineering gives a boost and encourage the dissemination of knowledge in the world in one of the hottest technology shifts that are currently unfolding. From the start of the project includes a unique combination of vehicle manufacturers (Saab), driveline supplier (Electro engine) and battery manufacturers (Boston-Power), Project Coordination (Innovatum) and the demonstration and power skills (Power Circle). At the same time, the proposal to provide for a Swedish kompetensnod for electric car development.

The team reflects the mix of skills needed to quickly get the vehicles in a demo fleet and thereby ensure a Swedish-based and competitive electric car solution. The cooperating parties behind the Swedish electric car has received support from the Energy Agency of 86 million kronor. The total project cost is approximately 200 million.


And there’s some comment on this in NyTeknik today as well:

When the cars roll out from the assembly the next two years, they leased to municipalities, businesses and organizations. Half will roll in Gothenburg and Trollhättan, half in Uppsala and Stockholm.

– In addition, perhaps some ports in Boston, said Thomas Bergfjord CEO of Electro Engineering, which develops power electronics in cars……

……Saab in Trollhättan builds cars, but without engine, gearbox, exhaust and fuel tank. How much of the rest of the production, which could end up in Sweden is unclear.

The guys at Power Circle (a consortium of power providers in Sweden) are having their say about it too, calling for incentives from the government:

But if Sweden is to become a leading electric car electric car buyers nation must have some hefty carrots to nibble on to boost sales, according to Christer Asplund. An electric car is significantly more expensive than a conventional car.

He points to Norway and France, where state and municipal electric cars are taken seriously and implemented a series of incentives for electric car electric car owners and buyers – price discounts, tax rebates, and free parking, among other things.

Should the project be successful, they are predicting sales of up to 60,000 electric vehicle in Sweden by 2020. 10% of those are estimated to be Swedish, but let’s hope for more than that.

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