A great big THANKYOU

I just wanted to pause for a moment and send out a great big collective thankyou to everybody.
I’ve received a heck of a lot of email over the last few days – from Saab owners, Saab dealers, some Saab employees and family/friends of employees – all saying thankyou for the role that SU played in helping to keep the spotlight on GM and the Saab sale over the last few months.
I’m doing what I can to respond to each of those emails, but it might take a little time to do that and keep up with things here on the site.
Thankyou for all of those emails, which are incredibly encouraging and gratifying.
To all of you who read this site regularly and participated in campaigns over the last few months….
You folks deserve these emails as much as anyone else. Whilst SU acted as a repository for information about these campaigns, just as other websites and forums did, it was you who stood tall and were counted through all of this.
The media have cited a whole heap of convoys around the world, which is a wonderful thing, but they weren’t convoys organised by SU – they were convoys organised by local Saab Clubs and groups of Saab fans. They started with a couple of mad Dutchies and spread to all corners of the globe.
Without you actually getting out there and showing your support for the company, there would have been nothing for we scribes to write about.
So thankyou.
And finally, to the individuals who have supported me personally as a site publisher – whether it be financially, with advice, with stories or in any other way – a very big thankyou to you all as well.
Eggs n Grits is the obvious candidate here, of course, as well as Lance Cole for sending in the occasional brilliant read (relax – they’re all brilliant, mate, it’s the frequency that’s occasional).
But there are a bunch of others out there who support this site in various ways. They know who they are and for the most part, they like to stay under the radar.
Your help was crucial in everything we’ve managed to do as a community here at SU in the last 12 months.
OK, enough of the group hug thing…….. back to business.

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