A Night at the Opera (Cafe) with the Saab 9-5 and Spyker C8

The Swedish announcement of Spyker’s acquisition of Saab Automobile from General Motors took place at the Opera Cafe in Stockholm last night.
SVT have provided video of some of the press conference, which I’ve embedded below. If the embedded version is not working, please click here to watch it directly at SVT.
After that, we have a special treat, thanks to a SU regular who just happened to be on the scene 🙂
First the video – and if you haven’t seen it yet, there’s more video of JAJ and VM here.

And now for the special treat.
A local guy in Stockholm name Johan thought he’d wander down to the Opera Cafe last night and see what he could see.
Of course, what he could see was the Saab 9-5 as well as a Spyker C8 being unloaded in preparation for the press conference and photo opportunities that came afterwards.
Here are Johan’s photos from that time (a great big thankyou to Johan is in order, too)
Click to enlarge.
Saab 001.jpg
Saab 003.jpg

Saab 013.jpg
Saab 017.jpg
Saab 021.jpg
Saab 024.jpg
Saab 028.jpg
Saab 036.jpg
Saab 040.jpg
Saab 049.jpg
Saab 055.jpg
Saab 058.jpg
Saab 063.jpg
Saab 065.jpg
Saab 067.jpg
Saab 071.jpg

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