An open letter….well, more of a note, really….. to the Swedish Press

Dear Swedish press corps.

Your job for today is to ask questions of Mrs Maud Olofsson and Mr Joran Hagglund that will tease out from them an answer as to what they are willing to do to support a prospective buyer for Saab.

  • Have they looked at the buyers closely?
  • Have they seen enough to offer a guarantee of support?
  • Can they promise to speed up the EIB review process?
  • What can they do – right now – to help the Saab sale process?

Questions like that and others you can think up (you’re paid for this sort of stuff) would be most welcome.

Please note: the answer “We’ve offered money to re-train the unemployed” is not appropriate.

You might be the only people who can get through to the government right now and get answers to these questions. Like superheroes and genies, you should only use your power for good.

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