Another busy day in Saab-land – Spyker, Genii and Merbanco summary

There are a few good reports floating around that I wanted to bring to the front page.
Firstly, TTELA’s Magnus Nordberg has done a (where does he get the time, indeed?!) good interview with Christian von Koenigsegg. It’s an interesting read, of course, because CvK has been through all of this before.
Christian von Koenigsegg supports the notion that the “show me the money” stance isn’t about purchase price, but about solidity and the ability to support the company in the longer term.
It’s a recommended read (and hello to CvK, who I hope will entertain the idea of some Saab collaboration in the future).
You should already have read right here at SU that Merbanco have made a revised bid for Saab, in accordance with changing wishes from the seller.
Genii are also working on a revised bid for Saab, according to Bloomberg:

We fully expect to have a competitive bid similar to Spyker’s by the time GM wakes up” today, Carlstroem said in a telephone interview. “Funding the deal isn’t an issue. We now know what GM wants for Saab. I’m sure GM will announce the sale of Saab by the end of this week.

I hope he’s right on his timing predictions. Having those Saab Support Convoys as a celebration would be mighty nice…..
Automotive News has a bit more coverage and quotation from Victor Muller, from Spyker, following his speech at the AN World Congress yesterday.

Dutch niche carmaker Spyker Cars NV hopes to reach an agreement with General Motors Co. to purchase Saab in “days, not weeks,” Spyker’s CEO said today.
If that doesn’t happen, CEO Victor Muller said, Spyker may have to give up.
“There is a point in time where we would say, ‘This is not for us,’ ” Muller said at the Automotive News World Congress.
But for now, he said, “The last time I looked, which was a half hour ago, we were in the midst of the [Saab negotiation] process.
“That doesn’t mean too much, but we’re absolutely, definitely in negotiations.”

….and there’s more, which is quite interesting…..

Saab’s loyal buyers were sometimes frustrated by the way the Swedish automaker’s product looked under GM, he said. “People were interested in buying a ‘Saab’ Saab, not an ‘Opel’ Saab, for instance,” Muller said.
If Spyker does acquire Saab, Muller said, he plans to hire more workers, not fire them. He said he wants to increase production capacity so the new company, which would be a Dutch public company called Saab Spyker Automobiles NV, can build Saabs along with a higher volume of Spyker vehicles. He said Spyker plans this year to make about 100 cars that will sell for $200,000 to $250,000 each.

There is a GM board meeting scheduled for Wednesday.
The time is now.
Thanks to all for the news stories and links.

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