AOL: Victor Muller on Saab

AOL have published a short interview with Victor Muller from Spyker Cars, one of the potential buyers for Saab Automobile.
In the interview, VM gives some insight into the company’s plans for Saab if they are successful with the acquisition.
The plans are interesting, to say the least.
The 9-1 would not come for some time, it seems, but Muller has his eye on the Aero-X as a possibility, if it can be financed.
The core of the brand will remain the 9-3, 9-5 and 9-4x, which would be built by GM in Mexico as originally planned (I know some have been curious about this). The 9-5 would come in Spring 2010.
The biggest news here, is probably a stated desire to bring an all-new Saab 9-3 in 2012. It’s probably the reason why wouldn’t see a 9-1 in the near future, too. There’s only so much investment money to go around and the 9-3 is an established bread and butter model that would have better margins than a 9-1.
The Aero-X plan is an ambitious one, possibly a limited edition statement-maker in the same manner as Alfa Romeo’s 8C Competzione (I got somewhat aroused just writing that).
Muller also talks a bit about the retail structure, stating that he wouldn’t seek to downscale the link between the customer and the company by slimming down the dealer network. Previous Saab plans included a 33% trimming of the US dealer network, for example, but Muller says all 218 US dealers would be retained.
Spyker may well add some of their own cars in selected Saab showrooms, too. They may also seek to benefit from some of Saab’s technological base, including XWD technology.
Ambitious man. Ambitious plans.
Griffin Up, Victor!!

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