Australia Day Snippets

Here we go again…….
Happy Australia Day!!
Here’s Keka’s annual address on behalf of the lamb industry. I must confess, we’re having can-chicken tonight, so I’m feeling a little un-Australian myself.

Autospeed give you the low down on motoring journalism.

In fact, the vast majority of automotive journalism is either advertorial or straight entertainment… and yes, that includes the ‘tests’ and other stories which in any other journalistic field would be regarded as ‘hard news’ – and so would be written with a completely different regard for the facts.

True enough. Even the advent of the internet has failed to curb what Autospeed talk about here, as bigger automotive websites become more and more like their mainstream counterparts.
I don’t know of a viable solution, but it’s an interesting read nonetheless.

Peter De Lorenzo
gives you his personal low-down on the full-time appointment of Ed Whitacre as GM’s CEO.
In his own words, it’s a big bowl of “not good”.
Some good coverage of the Toronto Saab Support Convoy

One guy’s take on a future logo 🙂
From Flickr.

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