do justice to the Saab Support Convoy

UPDATE: A translation of the words spoken in the video has been supplied by JW, and is added in text form below.



One of the things about reporting these Saab Support Convoys is that there’s so many of them to get to, that you don’t quite feel like you can do any of them justice.

This was such a big event. It almost feels like the people re-claiming the brand back again. It’s that significant.

So it needs something equally impressive to document it in a fitting manner. More than that, the Dutch convoy deserves a fitting tribute because it’s the one that started it all.

I’m really overjoyed, then, to see that have produced a video of the event that seems to give both the Dutch convoy, and the whole movement, the tribute that’s needed.

The guy who sent me this link – some of you may remember him as The Oracle – described it as ‘breathtaking.’


You don’t need to speak Dutch to understand what’s going on here.


I’ve you’d like to see a bigger version of this video (recommended) then view it directly at the site.


A translation of the words spoken in the video. Thanks to JW.

Eric van Nimwegen
“We’ve organised this event to get media-attention for SAAB in a more positive way. There has been a lot of bad news around the brand (he litt. refers “bad wheather forecasts”, which can be typical for a Swedish-based brand – JW) but we want to get some positive media-attention instead.”

“When we started organizing the event we decided 50 cars would be the absolute minimum. We got the 50 cars in a very short time. Then I offered to bake everyone apple-pies if we would reach a 100 cars, and we reached that amount in no time. I’d expected 50-100 cars, but I checked the list the other day and got a bit scared: we had more than 570 participants.”

Ruben Snippe
“This morning we started out by gathering at 9:00 in Apeldoorn, in a group of almost 70 cars. At 11.00 we departed and we arrived here (Soesterberg) at 12.00. We had no problems, everything went completely smooth. People looked at us with admiration and it was very impressive when we joined the Amsterdam-convoy on the A-28. Two lanes full of Saabs on the freeway, simply brilliant.”

Sidney Polak
“This is the inner yard of the Airforce Museum, where we’ve put a showcase from all the special SAAB-model from MY51 to MY09. It’s nice for all the participants to see the cars, and to take pictures. The main convoy will start at 14.30, First the showcase cars will leave in groups of 20 with an interval of 1 minute. That will result in a convoy of about 35km of Saabs, with the ‘Maxxis-terrein’ as final destination.

Eelko Bunte
“Fantastic car, it’s fast, it’s lean, it’s elegant, and next to that SAAB has it’s unique character. The turbo, that was the first one being used in a mass produced familycar and which gives the car speed. Of course the iginition key between the seats, to protect the knees in case of an accident, the reverse lockup to lock the wheels when you leave the car… al these things that make Saab Saab and are different to other car brands. It’s a very fast and beautiful car but in an understated way.”

Wil Rombouts
“What I like about Saab, is the very contemporary model-lines, even if you look at the old models. The sound is nice too. It’s a very distinct sound. I hope that Saab remains to be a carbrand, but if Saab is being wound down, at least I still have an exclusive car.”

Mike Bechtold
“I’m here today to contribute to this fabulous event. I don’t expect real influence on GM, but at least we can show some postive vibes and show that Saab is very alive today. I’ve brought a Saab 99, a very nice compact model, 2 door, with a turbo. I fell in love with this car. Just that little bit extra when you push the throttle, that special sound, it’s a unique car to use for this convoy”

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