Celebration at the Saab Museum

Saab employees and other locals in Trollhattan gathered at the Saab Museum this morning for a celebration of the Saab sale to Spyker Cars.

I don’t want to go all paparazzi on you, but do you think these guys look a little tired as they wait for their plane? Or just happy and relieved?


The flags outside the main entrance to the Saab Factory have been changed for today. This pic came from Christian and was taken this morning.

Flags at the Saab Factory.jpg

I do believe that’s a Spyker C8 outside the Saab Museum……

From Aftonbladet.


Peter Backstrom addresses the crowd at the museum….


And then Victor Muller and Jan-Ake Jonsson……


And the crowd itself…..


A brief report from one attendee who was there:

Jan-Ake and Victor Muller held short and inspiring presentations and greeted everybody who had been involved in the Saab transaction. It was freezing cold but a lot of people in Trollhättan met up with long applauds. Saab spirit was in the air.

It looks like another wonderful day there. I really wish I could have been there myself. History’s being made over there right now. I really hope those involved are taking it all in.

My thanks to Mats K for most of those images….

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