Chat Transcript: Jan-Ake Jonsson

Jan-Åke Jonsson participated in a chat session earlier today with the public during the Swedish news program “nyhetsmorgon”.

Widde has been kind enough to provide a cleaned up Swedish version of the chat transcript, which has now been Google-transed for your convenience.

Thanks to Widde!

And Jan-Ake: the reason you get lots of questions about a new Sonett is because lots of people would like one 🙂


Q: Robert
Hello! I want to say a big thank you for your efforts to save Saab and an opportunity for that question when the new 9-5 will be combined version.

A: Jan Åke Jonsson
Thanks, 2011.

Q: PO Juhlin
Hey, Do not you think Trollhättan Municipality should run the Saab in the future – especially in view of the Municipal Chairman’s statement on state aid for SAAB?

A: Jan Åke Jonsson

Q: Jörgen
will price the image on a new Saab to increase now that Spyker is in the picture

A: Jan Åke Jonsson
We will position ourselves against the Audi / BMW which is about where we are today.

Q: Magnus
When do you count that the liquidators could hand over responsibility for Saab?

A: Jan Åke Jonsson
Within a few weeks.

Q: Bert
Will the production of the sonnets to be addressed

A: Jan Åke Jonsson
I get many questions about this. Unfortunately this is not in our plans but we’ll see.

Q: Kjell
There is now no plan / desire that it may be a small motor sports betting (rally?), About 2-3years?

A: Jan Åke Jonsson
We’ll see.

Q: Jens
You are not afraid to Spiker just looking for the 4mdr of the pot on this deal. How hedging, you are really there?

A: Jan Åke Jonsson
The 4 million is earmarked for defined development projects for Saab since it is so that money paid in stages as we proved what we have done. To take the money and run is an impossibility.

Q: Marcus
Why buy a Saab next time instead of a Volvo?

A: Jan Åke Jonsson
Do you want a car with a unique design, driving pleasure, safe, environmentally friendly and convenient when you choose a Saab.

Q: Alexander
What influence does Viktor Muller overproduction of SAAB, in view of, taking up competing models with Spykers?

A: Jan Åke Jonsson
He will mainly be supporting us with funding, design and brand. There he is very strong.

Q: Andrew R
Hi Jan-Åke. Began to -98 at the factory and was honored to have you as a manager before I finished -05. Just wanted you to know that you are my idol for what you have done for my beloved brand

A: Jan Åke Jonsson
Thank you.

Q: Erik
Hi Jan-Ake, What makes you keep on ethanol-track? Everyone seems’re all falling petrol tank! MVH Erik

A: Jan Åke Jonsson
All studies show that biofuels are better than fossil. It’s strange that a few pence to make people opt out of what is important for the environment.

Q: Jeppe
GM’s products have generally been very mainstream, technical, and often a bit late in time. Are there plans for more personal, different and more SAAB: by solutions such as to meet the CO2 requirements?

A: Jan Åke Jonsson
Absolutely. To be more unique in perfect accordance with our direction.

Q: Michael Winand
Is it true that you have made losses in the last 20 years? What is it that says it is facing now?

A: Jan Åke Jonsson
New cars, effectively separate company and continued focus on the brand.

Q: Michael Winand
Congratulations, I was fantastically happy when I heard that the deal went through.

A: Jan Åke Jonsson Thanks.

Q: Per
When do you think you will start production again, and how many cars will you produce per day?

A: Jan Åke Jonsson We are working on this at the moment but this year we hope to build approximately 60.000.

Q: elisabeth
Why do not some Saab Combi wagon? Is not big enough demand?

A: Jan Åke Jonsson, it has historically been a small segment but it seems to increase slightly as we shall see.

Q: Widde
Will you defend Aero (brand name) and return it to the unique performance of the stamp as it was earlier, and not just a watered-down equipment packages? for example … Turbo X: one would have Aero: n

A: Jan Åke Jonsson, Aero will be a major brand name for us in the future. As you point out, we might be more consistent in how it is used.

Q: Sven-Olof
I just want to congratulate, an ornament good car!

Jan Åke Jonsson: Thanks.

Q: Bengt
Hello, Congratulations on a great job to save Saab. Do you think you are going with a biogas car, bonded say 1-3 years?

A: Jan Åke Jonsson Doubtful. It is not in our plans, we invest in more efficient petrol / diesel, ethanol and more and more power-orientation.

Q: Royne
Do you think this deal has increased interest in people to buy Saab cars?

A: Jan Åke Jonsson I’m sure. I hope that everyone who promised is now ordering his new Saab.

Q: Sven-Åke
Hello. It is possible to get a little work van built on 9-3 ahead. It would be good.

A: Jan Åke Jonsson Unfortunately, we have no such vehicle, but I can imagine that there are conversion companies that do so.

Q: Nisse
Nice picture of a red Saab 96 (?) In the background during the feature. What do you think about the chin of the large retro-interest that exist now, with a retro model of the Saab 96, perhaps only in red? Have yourself a SAAB-favorite, namely, 99, had a dark blue 80-year model. Good luck in the future.

A: Jan Åke Jonsson Retro is always of interest. Unfortunately, it is difficult to make money on these but you should never say never.

Q: Widde
I can buy the Saab enthusiast special shares in Saab? I would be more than happy to support, but also get some return for my support.

A: Jan Åke Jonsson, you can buy shares at the moment of Spyker Cars, which becomes 100% owner of Saab Automobile.

Q: Jonas
Hi Jan-Ake! Can you say between your thumb and forefinger when you will release the new 9-5, if all goes as it should?

A: Jan Åke Jonsson During the spring of 2010. We are now working on the exact date. We will return.

Q: annika gip
Why has not a small city car Saab? I would like to buy Saab but I do not want a big car. mvh Annika in Åmål

A: Jan Åke Jonsson, it is important for us to focus on those models where there is greatest potential, both in volume and profits. We believe that our new generation 9-3 will fill the “small car segment.”

Q: Frederick Pahlberg
GM really wanted to sell the Saab? mvh frepah

A: Jan Åke Jonsson
Absolutely. GM has been very involved in the case of selling.

Q: Patrik 12year o Tobias 9 years old
Thanks to you Mom and Dad were able to keep their jobs!

A: Jan Åke Jonsson
Hi Patrick and Tobias! Healthy mother o father that now we have plenty to do. Jan Åke

Q: Mange
Hello. Saab will remain in Trollhattan?

A: Jan Åke Jonsson
Absolutely. We will strengthen the activities of THN.

Q: John
Will you bet on gas or will it only green car with power ..?

A: Jan Åke Jonsson
I think there will be many options. We are investing in ethanol and in the future more and more electricity.

Q: Martina
There will be no new convertible?

A: Jan Åke Jonsson
The new Cab is of course included in our plans.

Q: Jonathan
Which Premier Division football team do you support?

A: Jan Åke Jonsson
AIK course! They’re Swedish champions.

Q: Hakan
What car do you drive private?

A: Jan Åke Jonsson
I have the privilege to drive one of our testbilar a new 9-5, a kanonbil.

Q: Tony
Will a smaller and cheaper SAAB, type 9-1 be made?

A: Jan Åke Jonsson
This is not yet in our plans.

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