Christmas Saab-style

OK, something to lighten the tone…..seeing there’s a moment.
I was very fortunate to have one of our SU regulars smile upon me this Christmas. I’m not sure if he wants to be identified or not, but it’s a mate from here in Oz who thought it’d be a nice idea to get something for my Monte.
This is what I got:
Yes, it’s an oil cap, but no ordinary oil cap.
This is one of the Taliaferro billet aluminium oil caps, which normally comes with the URL engraved under the Griffin.
Look closely, and you’ll see Nick at GenuineSaab was kind enough to do a little custom work 🙂
As our family was spread all over the world this Christmas, we haven’t actually had a proper Christmas yet. So it was very nice to come home to this little surprise.
A blessing indeed.

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