Circuit breaker

There’s a lot of tension around at the moment and as a passionate Saab fan, I can understand that. Everyone’s on edge, waiting to hear the fate of our favourite little car company.
I think it’s fair to say that as a community, we Saab owners have done an extraordinary and unprecedented job of banding together and creating some public awareness as to the situation with Saab.
On Sunday, many of you will gather together in places all around the world, drive your Saabs and show your support for this company. The media will be watching and once again, there will be an awareness as to how much support there really is. I can’t recall such a movement on such a wide stage ever for a threatened car company, so everyone involved should be proud of their efforts.
There’s no doubt, however, that having to wait for an outcome is taking its toll on some.
There have been misunderstandings and some arguments as people try to reconcile the various reports in the media.
There were even some comments overnight that I read as being threatening, which is totally unacceptable.
Let me set out the current situation as best as I can at the moment, based on the best sources I’ve got.
It’s past working time in Detroit and there’s been no press release about the closure or sale of Saab. That should indicate to you that negotiations are ongoing, which I believe they are.
Saab union reps were quoted as feeling reassured due to having not been invited in for talks by the liquidator, Stephen Taylor. This is an indication that actions on the part of the liquidator are proceeding very slowly, which I believe is the case. This also lends credence to the belief that negotiations are ongoing.
All this means that the fat lady has not sung yet.
We know who the players are and we know they’re talking to one another.
And we know that it’s a delicate situation with a great deal at stake.
That’s the situation as I know it to be right now.
I’m going to take the rather extraordinary step of closing off comments to the site for a little while.
Right now, the speculations in comments are causing more tension than anything else. The one thing I don’t want to see is someone getting all tense and angry, and then taking that tension to one of the Saab Support Convoys and using it the wrong way.
Negotiations are ongoing. All we need to do now is show our support.
Go to your Saab Support Convoy. Have an outstanding time.
Give everyone who observes your event a long-lasting, good feeling about Saab.
Right now, that’s the only thing that matters.
Save Saab

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