Comments still playing up

UPDATE: Comments seem to be working again. Please exercise some restraint in posting.
Keep your wild theories to yourself. Keep your comments relevant to the subject of the actual post you’re commenting on.
If you have a link to a story that doesn’t relate to a post on the front page, please send it to me via email (
Do not, under any circumstances, act in a threatening manner towards another commenter. Your access will be revoked and will not be re-established.
The comments policy is here. Please read it.
This is both to ensure some clarity of information for users as well as my own sanity.
I’ll be in touch with my tech guru some time today to see if we can’t fix the issue with comments.
Comments were switched off temporarily on the weekend because they were getting out of hand. When I reset comments to be available again, it seems to have defaulted to a setting where only registered commenters are allowed, with a requirement to sign in before a comment is made.
This is not the setting I selected. But despite re-building the files for the entire website twice yesterday, it’s the one the system’s chosen.
People who have registered should be able to sign in and comment.
If you’re not registered, you can give it a try. If a conformation email doesn’t turn up in your inbox, look out for it in your spam folder. And if it doesn’t turn up there, shoot me an email and I’ll try and set things up manually (time permitting).
Hopefully this will be sorted soon. Thanks for your patience.

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