Detroit Press Conference today 11:30 AM Eastern US

UPDATE: Indeed, my suspicions are confirmed. This press conference is/was Ed Whitacre’s coronation party. Saab’s announcement will wait. I’m assuming that any Saab press conference will be in Europe, but that’s a decision to which I’m not privy.
All: Swade has mentioned below that there’s a late-morning press conference today at GM’s Detroit headquarters.
While Saab may be a part of the agenda, it appears that there’s at least one more reason for this event. It’s been reported by ABC News and others that interim Chairman and CEO of Motors Liquidation (nee General Motors), Ed Whitacre, will be installed as permanent CEO during this meeting with the press.
As an American taxpayer, I’m not particularly pleased with this announcement. I believe that there are many candidates out there who would be better stewards of the General Motors assets and future than Mr. Whitacre. He’s been openly inattentive to many of the details surrounding ML/GM operations since he became interim CEO some months ago, and as an industry outsider, I’m not sure that he fully grasps the whole picture of the automotive business, particularly the marketing and product development portions of the enterprise. On the plus side, I believe that he’s driving some much-needed change in this time of restructuring. A mixed bag, and I believe that there are candidates out there that could have brought the whole package to the table.
Here’s to hoping that this is truly an extension of the “interim” title through the expected initial public offering of equity stocks later this year or early next year.
Hopefully, Saab will be free of his influence soon in either event.

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