Did I miss something?

Bear with a sore head
I hate having to sleep.
I woke up this morning and found first that Reuters had announced Saab’s death. I then saw an email from a friend in the media that said…..

Everyone (Dagens Industry, E24, etc…) are reporting right now that GM has decided to shut Saab, based on a Reuters interview with Whitacre. But, in fact, there doesn’t seem to be a new development here at all. I talked to GM’s Stefan Weinmann who said nothing has changed, that they’re still pursuing the dual tracks of shutting and evaluating the bids. So probably a big misunderstanding by first Reuters and then a lot of others picking it up…

It’s only 5 hours since I hit the pillow and now there’s 370+ comments that, in the end, are much ado about nothing.
Ed Whitacre’s blurted out a figure of $450million, so apparently the old lack-of-experience
line is now moot.
I’m still catching up with everything that happened, but it seems thanks are due to a few level-headed types in comments for picking up what really happened here and kept the comments thread on track.
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