DN.se: US Government halted December 18 deal for Saab sale

Back on December 18, things were looking pretty bleak for Saab.
Spyker submitted their second offer for Saab, which was turned town flat, with GM announcing that they would commence windup operations for Saab.
DN.se are now running a story sourced from the Swedish news agency, TT, where they state that the turn down was at the direct request of the US government, based on information about the Antonovs (former Spyker shareholders and directors) that was passed on to the FBI.
A rather poor Googletrans Here’s the essence of the report, as provided by Sven:

the Swedish Gov stopped the deal after having the Secret Service and a private investigating firm eyeing the Antonovs and its money. These two made a report and that was forwarded to the FBI. It should prove strong links between the Antonovs and money laundering and organised crime.
GM’s board got a direct order from the US Government to stop the deal on the 18th.
This is confirmed by Hans Lindblad at the Finance Department, who also confirms that the Antonovs no longer have any position of influence at Spyker.

Concern about the Antonovs still exists in the form of Spyker’s quiet investor.
Dutch shareholder groups are asking for answers on the backing of Tenaci, the private company set up by Victor Muller to buy out the Antonovs.

A securities and shareholders watchdog group is crying foul over the Spyker purchase of Saab. Dutch association VEB is insisting that Spyker CEO Victor Muller clear up questions about the mysterious financing that surfaced at the last minute of his negotiations with General Motors.
Saab-parent GM had insisted that Spyker chairman, and Russian banker, Vladimir Antonov divest his stake in the Dutch automaker as a condition to the Saab transfer. Antonov’s stake of 4.6 million shares was bought by Tenaci Capital, owned by Muller. Tenaci contributed

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