Dutch interview with Victor Muller

I’m not sure if this has made it online yet. I received it over the weekend in text form, from Jeroen in Holland.
The interview appeared in Algemeen Dagblad last Saturday, but would have been conducted earlier in the week while he was in Detroit for the auto show.
“Sale of Saab matter of days”
Muller CEO of Spyker has one conversation after another with GM
Victor Muller, CEO of the Dutch Spyker sports car manufacturer, is in Detroit with a smile on his face. At the headquarters of auto giant General Motors, he has one meeting after the other on the purchase of the Saab brand.
Is there a rise in the negotiations?
“That’s hard to say. You think one moment that you are there and suddenly something else comes up. But it can’t take much longer because time is nearly up. No one has the time. It is a matter of days and I won’t leave before it is finished. It is very exciting, but it must happen now. You can not continue flogging a dead horse. ”
How does it feel as a Dutchman to talk with the top of General Motors?
“Fantastic! I’m in the middle of the epicenter of the entire automotive industry. It is a comprehensive deal. I had never imagined that it would get this much attention. If you google on Spyker and Saab you get 25 million hits. 25 million: what is that about? The battery of my blackberry doesn’t make it to the end of the day. ”
GM says that Spykers’ plan is the most detailed one.
“I’ve worked so hard, everything is incredibly detailed to the last point. They really get it from me on a silver plate.”
Are the negotiations difficult?
“Yes. They are very complicated. If we come out with it, you will understand it. The separation of Saab from GM is also part of the deal. That separation itself is already incredible. It is like playing chess simultaneous on 16 boards. ”
Why is there so much pressure behind it? Is it because they started the wind down, as GM announced?
“No, so far they have done nothing. I understand that they say it. If I were them, I would do the same. Look, they have tried to sell it for thirteen months now. They have posponed their deadline of December 31 a few days to give other parties the opportunity. At the same time this week they produced the new 9-3 Convertible for the very first time in Sweden. It’s the world upside down. On one hand you are developing new models and on the other hand Saab is in real danger of perishing. ”

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