EnG Editorial – It’s upward from here edition

Well, folks, I’m still elated to wake up this morning and know that the struggle for Saab’s leadership and ownership succession is over and done except for the actual signatures. Naturally, there could be a hiccup there, but I’m not seeing anything that’s going to be a problem, nor does Swade (to my knowledge at this hour). It’s a relief and it’s a challenge. Actually, the challenge is one that I welcome. We’ve been frustrated with the snail’s pace of marketing and development under the GM flag, and I see all of that about to change in a big way. In my opinion, we will see that the Spyker Saab way will be one of faster movement and greater opportunity due to the “get it done” tenacity shown in the negotiations for Saab.
In short, this will be a very exciting time for Saab. New products, new leadership, new growth.
I say this because I’ve seen in my news feeds writers that proclaim troubles and difficulty for Saab Spyker Automobiles before it sees its first weekend of existence! A small sample of the headlines:
Spyker’s Muller May Struggle for Cash to Revive Saab (Business Week)
Saab 9-5 and 9-4X: Promising, but Enough to Sustain Spyker? (New York Times)
Deal done, Spyker faces tough road ahead with Saab (Reuters)
I don’t doubt that these people have some valid points: this company’s immediate future will be tough. On the flip side, I take issue with the “potential failure” vibe versus the more neutral “let’s see how it works out” take on the situation.
I invite you all to see these naysayers as who they are: writers trying to sell advertising on the internet and in their printed publications. They are not generally businesspeople. They generally do not have the insights that the Saab Spyker leadership have. They are not privy to the Saab Spyker business plans. They do not fully understand the company and its capabilities. Therefore, I believe that their criticisms are not necessarily well-founded. Their opinions are, for the most part, conjecture and hearsay.
I leave you with this thought: these “nattering nabobs of negativism” were the same people that proclaimed Saab dead in June, October, December and continued to proclaim Saab dead up until this very week. What further proof do I need?
Let’s write our own history. Don’t let these curmudgeons write it for us before it’s done.

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