EnG Snippets – Swade can sleep edition

Since Swade got up in the wee hours last night and will likely set his alarm for a similar hour tonight, I’m posting a few bits of content to enable him to get a few additional minutes of rest. I’ve got a few things that are certainly of interest for the average Saab enthusiast, but not necessarily hot breaking news on the Saab salvation front. I’ll leave that to the master of the house.

First up: If you’ve not looked in on the SaabsUnited Historic Rally Team in a few days, take a look. Jörgen and Bo have been diligently working on the car they’ve dubbed #2 and they should have some updates more regularly as things progress towards the Midnattssolsrallyt in June.

Swade’s posted a great little video of the work behind the scenes. Right up my alley.


Two: I successfully replaced the thermostat on my “new” 1991 Saab 900 Turbo convertible yesterday, so it will be ready and able for our Saab meet here in Nashville next Sunday, January 31. Again, I hesitate to call it a “Save Saab” convoy, since it appears that the announcement for the sale of Saab is imminent. It’s a welcome meet in any event, even if for nothing else but to start the ball rolling towards some regular contact with local Saabers. And perhaps a celebration or two (three?).

(Reading that paragraph over, I didn’t mean to cast doubt on my abilities to replace a thermostat. That’s well within my capability. I was really indicating that the repair successfully stopped the overheating issues.)


Three: It seems that the automotive press is mixed trending to negative on Ed Whitacre’s appointment as the near-term CEO for GM according to this collection of reactions published on the Wall Street Journal site.

Two writers cited Mr. Whitacre’s heavy-handed style as a possible problem if he’s retained long term. I’d say that they’re correct.


Four: Another reminder for US and Canadian readers to mark your calendars for the Saab Owners Convention in Aurora, Ohio July 22-25. This event should be a special one with all of the hoopla surrounding Saab for the last several months. It’s also special because I’ll expect a greater-than-average turnout with the notice that Saab’s gotten and the central location. I’m going to take an additional day to visit the Pro Football Hall of Fame if I am able to go. Should be a great time.


That’s all I have, EnG out.

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