Final Saab Support Convoys….maybe?

Amazingly, there’s still news of more Saab Support Convoys coming in.

It turns out there were a number of SSCs in Norway rather than one big one, possibly because a number of Norwegians headed over to Trolhattan for the big one there.

So I’ve received news of a couple more Norwegian gatherings, and one more unexpected one, too.


Saab Support Convoy – Belgrade, Serbia

Here’s one we didn’t know about, and I don’t have any photos for it, but the following was left by Vladahr in comments:

There was a small convoy in Belgrade, Serbia also on Sunday. Ten cars and 15-20 people were there including the Swedish ambassador.

Always good to have more support!

Saab Support Convoy – Kristiansand, Norway

We were a few enthusiasts (who else would join a car meeting in the middle of January? 🙂 in southern Norway on the 17th). It was freezing cold and snowing, but we had a great time.


Saab Support Convoy – Sandes, Norway

From Eirik:

Like every other Saabenthusiast yesterday, we gathered for the Saab Support Convoy. Here in the city of Sandnes, the Saab Turbo Club of Norway managed to gather 16 Saabs for the event.



That makes the total up to 45 convoys.

And there are more to come next weekend!

More on those, soon.

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