First Trollhattan built Saab Convertible going to the Saab Museum

Here’s a good news story to pass the time as we wait to hear Saab’s fate.

The first ever Saab convertible to be built in Trollhattan was assembled at the factory just under 2 weeks ago. Since then, the car has been undergoing inspections to ensure that the assembly process is working as it should.


I’m pleased to report that the significance of this vehicle has been recognised, and that this convertible is destined for the Saab Museum.

The vehicle was secured for the museum by Gunnar Brunius, Production Director at the Saab plant in Trollhättan. The movement of the car to the museum was approved by Stephen Taylor, the liquidator appointed by General Motors, which was a fine gesture.

The car will most likely arrive at the museum in the middle of this week.

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