Thumbnail image for Keep Calm and Carry OnI know there’s a lot of concern right now about the fate of Saab. Unfortunately, I can’t make up good news and report it. I just have to report what I get and right now, that’s mostly news that will cause concern.
Nevertheless, I’m concerned by some of the emotional comments coming through to posts here at SU.
I know that this is a difficult time. Saab inspires a loyalty like only a few other car companies and we all feel like Saab are getting the rough end of the stick. GM are acting like bullies and it’s pretty normal to feel somewhat helpless against that.
Please, however, focus your attention and efforts on things that might be able to help. As the publisher of this site, I can’t allow comments that characterise various persons in a defamatory manner.
GM have a job to do. They buyers have a job to do.
We, as a Saab community, have a job to do.
That job is to make sure the media and the wider community are aware of what we see as the injustice being done to Saab. They are viable, they can add more to GM’s coffers by continuing to exist than by being closed.
That’s the message. Please try to focus on that.

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