Friday Night Snippets

Time to quickly cover a few of the recent news articles that I’ve missed in order to give coverage of the convoys.


Autocar have brought some resolution to the story about 9-5 tooling that remains in Germany being shipped off to China on the 15th.

After that story broke, I fully expect that that shipping date was either cancelled or postponed by GM because of the attention it brought to them, but the Autocar story quotes GM Europe’s Nick Reilly as saying that the car could be completely scrapped if Saab isn’t sold.

Again, I’m extremely confident of my source on this story, as were Dagens Industri and Autocar themselves when it first broke.

The estimated charge GM would take in scrapping the 9-5 is between 100 and 150 million Euros.

Why take that charge when you could make money off it?


In a story from yesterday, unions at Trollhattan are encouraged by the fact that the liquidator at Saab hasn’t called them in yet.

From Swedish Radio, via Googletrans

– This could mean that GM does not speed up the closure process while you evaluate the bids of Saab, said Paul Åkerlund.

Take your time, Mr Liquidator. Take your time.


Maud Olofsson had an approval rating of just 3.1% in a recent poll at

I guess going on holiday to Africa whilst a major chunk of your auto industry is in danger of being snuffed out wasn’t such a good idea after all.


If Saab are closed down, one of the parts that will continue on is Powertrain. I imagine they will most likely continue to do work for GM, but one thing they’ll definitely be doing is continuing work for Beijing Automotive.


While the issue of Saab’s future remains up for grabs, has some 90 engineers and technicians at Saab’s technical department and GM Powertrain mission to help Chinese BAIC.

– This work will continue regardless of what happens with Saab, “says Mats Fägerhag, director of technology development at Saab.


Andy Rupert, long-time friend of SU, blogger, Release Me remixer, Volvo sales guy and attendee at the Detroit Saab gathering earlier this month, recently picked up a little momento to show his support for a new Saab owner:


My dad ordered a Spyker patch for me as a Christmas gift. It just arrived today. Where would you put it?

I decided to affix it to my leather jacket. I really like the look.

So, please pass along the request to GM. It just wouldn’t be right if they lose the bid, ya know?

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