Friday Snippets – treading water edition

Yes, we’re still treading water.

Here are the rules, for those of you busting your F5 key.

If Saab are to be closed, I will report that as soon as I hear it. There’s nothing left to lose at that point.

If Saab are sold, then I will not say a thing about it prior to an official announcement, other than reporting solid news broken elsewhere that I can verify. That’s news, not speculation.

As a blogger, I would love to break the news first and ‘stick it to the man’, etc. But the whole company’s future is in the balance here and there’s no way I’m going to risk annoying GM just for the sake of a scoop.

So if you’re hearing nothing, that means all is progressing as far as I’m able to tell. I know that’s not the answer some were looking for, but it’s the only one I’ve got.


Our site sponors, State of Nine, attended the Brookline MA convoy and have a gallery of images up on their website from the event.

They’re also helping to publicise the next round of convoys with direct mailouts to clients, etc.
In addition to all that, they’re also offering a 9% rebate on purchases, not including shipping, until 11:59PM Sunday January, 24th.

To claim the rebate, you simply select your items as you normally would, then add the 9% rebate product to your shopping cart. They will take the 9% off once they see that item in your cart.

Thanks again to State of Nine for the support.


And whilst we’re speaking of sponsor’s products…..

A few nights ago, a friend of mine here in Hobart tuned his 2006 Saab 9-3 Aero V6 with new Maptuner plug-in device.

I have video of the tune, which I’m going to process and upload as soon as I can get hold of the right cable to go between my camera and my Macbook (why don’t they use the same Firewire port as my old iMac had? Frustrating).

Needless to say, though, the tuning process was quick, and the car is now very quick.

Maptuner has just become available for Trionic7 engines!

You can read about another Maptuner experience here (that’s SU regular, PT and his 9-3 SportCombi).


I received an email a few nights ago from a guy here in Australia, wanting to know some details about the Viggen I crashed and wrote off a few years ago.

Yesterday, I came to understand why.

My old Viggen is for sale.

To save having to answer any more emails on the subject (not that I mind, it’s just quicker this way)….

  • I’m quite sure, 99.999999% sure, that this is my old car.
  • I had what I believe to be a serious crash in it at a driver training day back in 2007.
  • It was written off by my insurer and sold at auction.
  • If you’re considering buying it, you should assure yourself that the repairs have been done to a very high standard. Both the chassis and rear axle were bent after the accident and whilst a rear axle is pretty easy to replace, chassis straightening is a little more tricky.


The car was definitely repairable and it was running like a dream when it crashed.

Just make sure you do your homework and satisfy yourself that the repair has been done to a proper standard. An independent inspection by a quality body shop should do the trick.

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