GM deny 9-5 tooling story, call us stupid

OK, so they didn’t come out and say we’re stupid, but I’m a little edgy.
News while I was sleeping……
A GM spokesman has come forward and denied the story written here at SU and elsewhere (in the real motoring press) about GM plans to move the remaining 9-5 tooling that’s sitting in Russelsheim to China starting on the 15th January.
From SVT:

General Motors denies that tool and production equipment for the new Saab 9-5 will be sent to China for production of Buick cars.
-The information is inaccurate. I have spoken to those responsible for Saab project and the information is not true. There must be a little misunderstanding. Perhaps you confused it with the tools of the old 9-5 has been sold to Chinese Beijing Auto, said Stefan Weinmann, a spokesman for GM Europe, which is now in Detroit for the International Motor Show.
He claims that GM is still evaluating the various bids that have come in to Saab Automobile and that the door is not closed on the sale of the company.
“We are not finished with the analysis of the bids and I can not give any timetable for when we can talk about results,” he told TT in Detroit.

Well, Mr Weinmann, I can assure you that the information from my sources – yes, that’s plural – was pretty specific.
Your diversion in talking about the old 9-5 technology going to BAIC was a neat trick, but if you read the story properly you’d realise that we’re not talking about tooling moving from Sweden (yet).
The original story was about the remaining 9-5 tooling that’s sitting in Russelsheim, Germany. It’s this tooling and equipment that’s apparently earmarked for movement to China on the 15th, in the event that Saab are closed instead of sold. Though don’t be surprised now if that date’s been moved back to corroborate Mr Weinmann’s story.
At least it’s good to hear that bids are still receiving consideration.
Do the right the thing, in both fiscal and ethical terms – SELL SAAB.
Thanks to Perry in comments for that translation.

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