GM schedule Saab 9-5 transport to China January 15th

To those who don’t believe that the liquidation of Saab is a serious step on the part of GM, I can let you in on some inside information that’s come from a source I would normally refer to as Djup Strupe (my nickname for insiders who provide information about Saab).
In this instance, however, I’ll have to call the source “Tiefe Kehle” (Google tells me that’s German for ‘Deep Throat’).
The latest news to cross my desk is that we can expect a decision on the Saab sale before the 15th of January.
As you may know, the new Saab 9-5 is currently being made on what is basically a test line at the Saab factory in Trollhattan. There is still some tooling for this new car sitting in Russelsheim, which hasn’t been shipped to Trollhattan yet. It is my understanding from Tiefe Kehle that if GM decide to close Saab rather than sell it, then that tooling will be shipped immediately to China.
If Saab are wound down rather than sold, the new 9-5 will most likely be manufactured and sold in China as a Buick. It seems this is part of GM’s wind-down planning for Saab should they not be sold.
If Saab are sold to a new owner, this transport order should be cancelled, with the tooling going to Trollhattan.
I’ll have more on all this shortly, including a fuller theory as to what could be going on. But basically, it’s OldGM all over again.
It seems it’s easier to make a quick buck re-badging something than what it is to take a longer, potentially more lucrative course. The taxpayer might get a little bit of money right now, but they’ll likely miss out on more by forging a longer term relationship.
More soon.

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