Good morning – Monday Snippets

Hi all, there are a few things to get to….
Several people have suggested a donations link to give aid to the people in Haiti, a country which suffered massive losses as a result of an earthquake late last week.
I’m more than happy to oblige.
Please consider a donation to your aid organisation of choice, or if you’re looking for a suggestion, please contribute to your national Medicins Sans Frontier organisation.
The Saab Support Convoys yesterday were magnificent. I covered as much as I could last night and am looking to cover a lot more today.
Please be patient as there were around 30 events all around the world, which is a lot to get up on site in one day.
I switched comments back on for these convoy articles, however there seems to be some issue with the comment form. I’m currently rebuilding the site and hopefully full functionality will return shortly.
Please dont post any Saab sale-related news items in comments, because there isn’t any news right now.
The current situation is that GM are negotiating primarily with Spyker, with Genii sitting in the background and looking to possibly extend discussions this week, if needed.
There is no joint bid between Genii and Spyker, nor is it likely.

Please don’t post embedded video in comments as it may cause the site to crash for people using Internet Explorer.
Eggs and I have a special piece of code we use in posts to get around this in regular articles.
Traffic at the site is currently 4-times the average for a 30-day period. I’m contacting my server-guru to see if there’s anything we need to do to keep things running at speed, but there may be some issues.
Please be patient and we’ll work it out.

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