Deal done. My advice: wait and see. and the entertaining Jan-Erik Berggren have called it, saying the deal is done. If my translator is right, they’re saying it’s been done in Spyker’s favour.

The report says that in the first few lines, but doesn’t elaborate at all. I’m a confirmed skeptic of JEB’s scattergun approach so I’m not placing much weight on what’s written here.

I have sources of my own, and my stance on where we’re at hasn’t changed since earlier today – negotiations ongoing with Spyker as the face on the other side of the table.

The Googletrans:

“Spyker affair is finished”

Not late at night, it was unclear if GM reached a deal to sell Saab.

– The deal with Spyker is ready, claimed a source with good insight into the process.

– We are still in the bidding, countered Genii Capital Lars Carlström.

The employees at Saab is torn between hope and despair – from rumors that the auction is in progress and that GM’s liquidators have begun to close the company. Yesterday was reached by the GT reports that General Motors decided to sell Saab to the Dutch Spyker Cars, and that the deal would be completed. But the information was not confirmed, by either GM or Spyker.

It goes on to talk about Genii a lot more with a few quotes from Bernie Ecclestone thrown in.

So is JEB right?

We’ll see. I think things are looking more positive than negative, but it ain’t done until it’s done. The only thing you can predict with GM is that they’ll be unpredictable.

JEB writes about the employees being torn between hope and despair. I hope he’s right with this story, for their sake.

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