Have your (belated) say in the Newsvine ‘dying brands’ poll

Something to pass the time….
I know this was brought up in comments yesterday.
I know some didn’t want to vote because they refuse to believe Saab are dying (and I can see the logic, believe me).
But still……
If you’d like to have a vote in the Newsvine poll – Which dead or dying brand will you miss the most – then click that link and let your electronic voice be heard.
A few minutes before writing this, the poll stood as follows:
The Pontiac vote is interesting, and for me, it’s encouraging.
I have a soft spot for Pontiac, mostly because of the screaming chicken, the Pontiac Trans Am from the 1970s. I’m a big Smokey and the Bandit fan 🙂
It’s a brand that like Saab, should have had a definite identity. But like Saab, it suffered in a malaise of brand confusion and cost cutting.
It’s good to see Pontiac getting some votes, just as long as they don’t catch the Saab vote.

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